As trade talks heat up ahead of the NHL Draft this weekend in Florida, rumor has it that Chicago Blackhawks general manager, Stan Bowman, has already engaged in talks for several players including two beloved Blackhawks: Patrick Sharp and Bryan Bickell. 

My husband has been preparing me for the possible trade of Patrick Sharp for weeks now, but I just don't want to face it. Truth is, Sharp is a hot commodity, and not just cause he is such a cutie.

According to the Chicago Tribune,

One source said the three teams most interested in Sharp, who has been a mainstay in the lineup for the last decade and finished with 16 goals and 27 assists in '14-15, are the Stars, Penguins and Panthers. In a potential deal with the Stars, the source said the Hawks are interested in acquiring 25-year-old gritty winger Antoine Roussel, who carries a cap hit of $2 million.


Sharp, 33, carries an annual cap hit of $5.9 million and there's little doubt he is Bowman's main target to trade with the return most likely to be a draft pick or two.

Bickell, who had 14 goals and 14 assists last season, has a cap hit of $4 million. Another source said Bickell's status remains in doubt and his return to the Hawks depends on which other players Bowman can trade in the coming days. The source put Bickell's departure at "50-50."


Since it looks like some heartbreaking trades are indeed on the horizon, we decided we needed to ask the impossible question: If it comes down to either Patrick Sharp or Bryan Bickell, which Blackhawks player would you prefer to lose? Voice your choice here: