If you're single and feel like you have been everywhere and done everything to meet someone new, don't lose hope. Your next great love could be closer than you think. Seriously.

Forget filling out long online dating profiles, and then wasting time weeding out all the weirdos that want to date you. Meeting your next significant other could be as simple as taking a good look around a class you are sitting in, or getting your head out of your book or smartphone long enough to scope out the scene at your local coffee shop. To get started correctly on your next journey to love, take this quiz to find out where you will meet your next significant other.

Did your results say you'll meet someone new "at Cliffbreakers Riverside Resort?" If not, add it to your list now, and mark Friday, April 17 on your calendar for Rockford's second annual Single and Mingle Party. Last year's party was a huge success, and this year it will be even bigger and better! We'll even have a separate room for all the country music lovers to get acquainted. This party is for all ages (21 or older) and all types of singles, so there's no such thing as "too old" or "single for too long."

Advanced tickets are available now for $10, so spread the word to all your single friends and click the button below to buy them right now. It's where all the best Rockford singles will be hanging out on April 17. No doubt about it!