These are the best when you have the taste for homemade root beer.

I Am A Big Fan Of Root Beer

I remember when I was growing up, I was first introduced to root beer by my father. We were having lunch at an old school drive-in.

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He suggested that I should order a root beer for my beverage to go along with my burger and fries.

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It took just one sip to fall in love. It would become my beverage of choice for a long time.

My mom would buy generic brand soda and they did have root beer. It was probably the tastiest of all the flavors. So, it worked out for me back in those days.

Nowadays, I do not drink a lot of pop but if I can find a good homemade root beer, I will definitely order it.

Looking For The Best Root Beer In Illinois

I came up with a goal. I wanted to find out where the best homemade root beer was served in Illinois, so I could see how different ones I could try out.

Unfortunately, I could not find a definitive list. I kind of just had to do research on my own.

Here is what I discovered. Let us see if we match at all.

Best Homemade Root Beer In Illinois

  • Prairie Street Brewing Company in Rockford - I started out the best of list with my absolute favorite. I was not even going to mess around. I will not put any ice in it because I do not want it to get watered down.
  • Sam's Drive-In In Byron - This is a great little trip out of town. It is an old fashion drive-in that sells gallon jugs of their own homemade root beer to take home with you.
  • The Berghoff In Chicago - If you ever get a chance to go into Chicago, you might want to check out this place. They have been making their root beer since 1926.

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