I read an article from ABC News this morning about Tyler Farr talking about his recent squirrel hunting trip with his friend, Wood Duck, and how to properly clean and dress the squirrels for a tasty dinner.

Have you ever eaten squirrel?

I honestly say I never have. I had a former uncle who hunted squirrels and did.

I'm guessing it tastes like chicken.

The weirdest thing I've eaten would have to be a fried pig's ear.It actually was by accident.I was on vacation in Missouri with my sister and her family, when we stopped for dinner at a Ponderosa. Going through their buffet line I thought I picked up a buffalo wing. Only to find out, when biting into it, was a fried Pig's ear.

Why that was on the buffet line I have no idea. Apparently it was a St. Louis area favorite. I guess. There isn't any meat to that. It was kind of chewy. Once I figured out what I was chewing I just couldn't swallow it. It certainly made a memory for my family.

Have you eaten anything, either on purpose or accidentally, that's weird?


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