I've found myself on a "Squishmallow" mission for the past month or so, and I have come up empty an awful lot. They have that Beanie Baby and Cabbage Patch Doll vibe, sold out everywhere and parents will do anything to get them for their kids.

This description is a little weird, but they are pretty soft:

"If you haven't actually felt them for yourself, you can't even imagine what they feel like."

Squishmallows are these round-ish stuffed animals are come with a name and a story. There a few different sizes from the 24" pillow to the 3" keychain Squishmallow. The majority are animals, like a bunny, a cow, a unicorn, and a dog. There is also the illusive hard to find avocado, Austin. Now to be honest, I have purchased Aubrey the Avocado...but not Austin. If anyone has the Austin hook up, let me know.




There are the Ebay and website sellers that are asking hundreds for them.

When I was in South Carolina, I found "Flipmallows" which are Squishmallows that you can turn inside out...A rare breed that was a lucky find, or so I was told. They only stock so many and only specific ones in stores, and not all stores carry them. So when a kid is raging about Ace the Turquoise Unicorn, you can't just head to CVS and pick that one up.

Walgreens, and Claire's appear to be the hot spots to find them. but the majority of the time they are sold out. The store "Learning Express" is a carrier as well, guess where I'm heading soon.

If you have kids that collect these, you know what's up with this. If your young kids haven't taken this path...get ready to go Squishmalllow hunting.

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