Well this one is definitely scary to say the least. According to Mystateline.com, The popular Blood pressure pill, Losartan is now in a nationwide recall. A lot of people take blood pressure medications these days. For some, not taking their pill could mean life or death. The company that makes the pill Torrent Pharmaceuticals has expanded the recall to include an additional 36 lots of the Losartan potassium tablets as well as 68 lots of the Potassium-hydrochlorothiazide.

The reason for the recall? It seems that there might be possible traces of a cancer causing carcinogen. This problem needs to be fixed, and fast. Millions of people everyday depend on these medicines. Between opioid overdoses, and crazy side effects that comes with some of our medicines today, most of us a  little worried to take theses medications even when they're working correctly.  Who could have thought that you could get cancer from a blood pressure pill.

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