Every year you hear lots of talk about what to get Mom for Mother's Day, but it has become evident to me recently that a discussion about what NOT to get her needs to be had as well. #shakingmyhead

This week we've talked to a lot of Moms about what they want for Mother's Day. If you're stumped, let me just tell you this; Moms want you to do something nice, and spend quality time with them. That doesn't mean proving your love by spending a ton on a gift. It means going out of your way to make her feel relaxed and happy.

We've also heard about funny Mother's Day fails that some Stateline Moms had to live through.  Rule of thumb, if you're buying something just because you need to buy a gift for Mom and it's something she may need, you just failed at Mother's Day.

The following are examples of things NOT to get for Mother's Day from Rockford Moms who know:

  • Anything from an adult novelty store.
  • Anything that is kept or used in a kitchen.
  • A gym membership.
  • A vacuum.
  • Old Valentine's Day chocolates.
  • A bouquet of Dandelions, unless you are under the age of 5

Or these...these are terrible ideas too.





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