We heard about the man that jumped off the State Street bridge in downtown Rockford but never found out what happened to him. Rockford Police finally have an answer.

Another person jumped from the State Street bridge Wednesday afternoon running from Rockford Park District Police. Apparently the man found out there was a warrant for his arrest because of a parole violation. Search crews searched for hours using divers, multiple boats, and sonar. They were still unable to find the jumper.

No information was shared with the media aside from those details. No names or description have been shared as of this article. But, according to WIFR, we might have an answer as to what happened to the suspect.

The Rockford Park District Police say they have credible information that the man who jumped into the Rock River Wednesday afternoon is alive and well, but not in custody.

Aside from that update we (the media) know about as much as you. So where could this guy be hiding?

Here are a few places he could hide in Rockford.

1. INSIDE MIDWAY THEATER?  Did they ever fix that roof?

2. IN THE PLAYGROUND AT WENTLAND SPORTS COMPLEX? My eight-year-old know some really good hiding places there.

3. BEHIND THESE SPEAKERS AT CULTURE SHOCK? It may be a tight squeeze but anything is possible.

4. UNDER A TABLE AT PRAIRIE STREET BREWING CO.?: A party and a hiding spot?

5. HIDING IN LINE AT TACO BETTY'S?: Everyone else in town has been there, maybe he was, too.

OK, those were silly locations. Truth be told we have yet to see a description of the man in question. Authorities do believe their sources are correct in that he made it out of the river and is probably hiding.



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