It is illegal around Rockford to swim in the Rock River.

The Heat Is On

Like the Glen Frey song says, "The Heat Is On."

We jumped from a chilly spring right into a hot summer. I am not too surprised. That seems like the way the weather rolls for these past few years.

There is no gradual rise in temperatures. It is more like jumping into a cold pool and your body gets that shock.

We Need Relief

Now, the air conditioners are cranked. I can feel the money being sucked out of my wallet.

Residents throughout the Rockford area are looking for ways to cool off. Unfortunately, it is still a bit too early for the community pools, splash pads, and Hurricane Harbor to be open yet.

Even many people who own their own pools have not gotten their's open yet because of waiting for needed supplies, service, or just got a late start because of the weather.

The next best thing is to jump in a lake, river, or other natural body of water. If you take that route, please use caution because the can be unpredictable and dangerous.

There is one in the Forest City that I suggest avoiding.

Love The Rock River

I am a huge fan of the Rock River. We are very lucky to have it. The river is such an asset to our community. It is so beautiful.

I enjoy hanging out by it for dinner, drinks, and other fun events. Sometimes, I wish we had more restaurants and bars on it. There are also many other activities like fishing and boating.

There is one thing you definitely need to avoid in the Rock River

Do Not Swim In The Rock River

Personally, I would not swim in the Rock River. Mainly because of the current. Plus, I do not think it is the healthiest water in the area.

There is one thing I never knew about the Rock River. Besides the reasons I listed, I just found out another huge reason to not swim in it. You can get arrested.

It's Illegal To Swim In The Rock River

According to, 

"With heat and humidity in full force, it can be tempting to jump in the water as a quick way to cool off. It is illegal to swim in the Rock River in Rockford, which is why Rockford Park District Police officers patrol Shorewood Park and Levings Lake, making sure no one gets hurt."

"Detectives say swimming in open water can be dangerous due to the river currents."

Now You Know

I know it is getting hot in the Stateline but please do me a favor. Even though, swimming in the Rock River looks very inviting, please avoid the temptation. It is dangerous and illegal.

Like GI Joe said, "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle."

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