Ladies, this is info you will want to see if you are currently single and looking for Mr. Right,  in a relationship and wondering if he is "the one," or just curious to see if  this information accurately explains your man. Personally, it explained my man darn near perfectly.

I recently read in an article that experts say you can find insights into your man's personality in his handwriting. Maybe this seems like a silly thing to look at, but just think how beneficial this information could be when in a speed dating scenario.

I have never tried speed dating personally, but I do know you only have a few minutes to chat with a potential date. Doesn't give you a lot of time to find out much about someone new. How do you figure out if there is romantic potential when all you really know is that their name is John, and that John is a lawyer. Here's a tip; look at how he wrote his name on his name tag. Does his handwriting style fall somewhere on this list?

  • Big writing reveals that your guy is friendly, outgoing and curious
  • If he writes quickly, he's a dreamer with big goals
  • Writing in all capital letters means he's tough and romantic, while hiding his insecurities.
  • Slanted writing indicates he is emotional; both hot and cold.
  • Heavy script shows he is self conscious and has a great memory.
  • Printed writing means he is afraid of intimacy,
  • Big, round, lower loops reveals that he is never satisfied and needs a lot of variety.

My husband writes in all capital letters, and I would say that description of him is pretty accurate. The only question left is; what does a big hot mess of unreadable writing indicate? (Totally how I write) Find out more about what your handwriting says about your personality here. 

I hope these information helps in your search for your next great love that you may just meet at Rockford's second annual Single and Mingle Party at Cliffbreakers Riverside Resort this Friday night. There will be three rooms of entertainment this year, and yes, one of those rooms features speed dating. See why this info was so important? Good luck, and we'll see you soon!