Do you have a love that got away from you?

Check out these Hollywood stars who regret letting their loves get away from them. has a list of 13 celebs that blew their chance at love and regret it.

Some of these stars I had no idea or vaguely remember them even being a couple.

For instance take John Stamos from Full House he regrets that he and co-star Lorie Loughlin didn't get together. He says "We did have some off timing."

Or, do you remember the movie Playing for Keeps with Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel? Gerard Butler has been quoted as saying he regrets not pursing her. Now she's  happily married to Justin Timberlake.

Puff Daddy has told friends that "if things would have been different" he's be with Cameron Diaz. Too late Puffy, Benji Madden snapped her up.

To see more loves lost that stars regret, click here.

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