Rockford's gotten a bad wrap lately with all of the crime.

If you need a pick me up about the Forest City and all the good things that have happened, then watch this and see the town transform right before your eyes.


Revitalization in the River District

There's a new vibrancy of activity and excitement in the River District. We have changed, it's a new atmosphere. We now are a destination, a place to meet friends and have fun. We are inspiring new events, new developments, more investment, more renovation and more new business. We have planned, organized, and persevered for this moment to succeed as a vibrant city center. We are the River District! Immerse yourself in the building of a new future. LIVE * WORK * PLAY

Posted by River District Association on Monday, January 25, 2016

Wow! I don't know about you but that makes me feel good. We needed to see the beauty beneath the ugliness that's been in the new lately.

The downtown has so much potential it's so awesome to see so many individuals who see it and are working tirelessly to turn it around as a vibrant and useful place to be.