Remember when Little Zim posted that article a couple of months ago about the TV show Chicago Fire looking for local emergency workers (fire,police, EMT's, etc...) as extras on the show?

We just found out that there's a couple of local firemen that made the cut and we can watch them on the show.

In fact, according to this WREX article, fireman Doug Moser of Stillman Valley and fireman/ EMT Garrett Gerdes of Amboy have been called back on several occasions to be filmed in various shots.

Now not all of their scenes make it to final production of the hour long drama, but just to be a part of the show is what keeps these two going back.

Tonight and next Tuesday, March 17th, at 9PM, Doug Moser is slated to be appear on the show.

If you're interested in becoming an extra for the show click here.