Here's an interesting way to get families involved in their child's activities.

How often have you watched your kid play football and wished you could get out there and play too?

Well, I can't help you get on the field but one Illinois high school football team is allowing their moms to get in on the action for one night only.

I mean, this is such a special night for the moms of the players at Washington High School near Peoria, Illinois, they allow them to don helmets and pads and then tackle their sons.

Yep, the Moms are tackling their sons in what Washington dubs "Moms Night Practice."

Here's the thing, some of those moms were straight up going for it with their tackles.

Like helmet-to-helmet hits, and some vicious one-on-one shots.

Thankfully, it looked like all the parents had fun and it appears no one was hurt.

Kurt Pegler via Twitter
Kurt Pegler via Twitter

If a player did get hurt, imagine what that conversation with their coach would be like:

"Uh Coach, remember 'Moms Night Practice?' Well, when my Mom tackled me so brutally I got injured and now I'm out for the season.

Some of those hits were kind of cringe-inducing, especially when a helmet popped off a mom's head after tackling her son.

Kurt Pegler via Twitter
Kurt Pegler via Twitter

That said, if my son's high school football team were to host a Dad's Night Practice, I'd so be there.

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