Congratulations to Harlem for coming out on top of our first ever poll to see where we will be broadcasting from on Friday night.

It was a close contest all the way until the end. First it was a three team race between Belvidere North, Hononegah, and Harlem. After two days of voting however, it was Belvidere North and Harlem really surging ahead and going back and forth in the top spot throughout the last day of voting.

In the end it was Harlem with a slight lead over Belvidere North, sending our Friday night crew back out to Harlem High School for their Homecoming game against Belvidere.

There was more than 30,000 votes cast in the poll and both schools tallied around 13,000 with Harlem edging out Belvidere North by a few hundred votes. Thanks to everyone who logged on to cast a vote.

Our Friday night broadcast of the Belvidere-Harlem game will begin at 7PM with kickoff happening around 715. We will be speaking with Harlem guests throughout the night and focusing on the Huskie program. We will kick it off with an interview with the Harlem Athletic Director Rebecca Hagerman and then have surprises along the way.

It's been a great season in the NIC-10. If no major upsets occur over the next two weeks Hononegah will be crowned NIC-10 champ but we've seen both Harlem and Belvidere North challenge the Indians this year up in Rockton, with both teams coming up short at the end. These three teams are getting ready for the playoffs that begin in 2 weeks and we'll hopefully be able to bring you a few of those games as they march to the playoffs in Dekalb next month.

Thanks again to all who voted. We'll be doing this again!!!

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