Sometimes scenarios pop into my head and, for the well-being of myself and others, I know they will never happen. Things like, "I would wonder what it would be like to run full speed and jump into the tower of toilet paper at Woodman's." Maybe even a, "if I hit that empty garbage can, how far would it fly?" Now, if you're really messed up (or play a lot of GTA), you might wonder what would it be like to take out a gas pump if it were guaranteed to not explode? I'm not sure this was the thought process of this woman, but it still happened.

In a surveillance video shared by Eyewitness News, you will see a video that will bring up so many questions.

  1. How did she not notice where her gas cap is?
  2. How did she not see the massive gas pump?
  3. Where did she get that beast of a car? It appears as though there isn't even a scratch from the destroyed gas pump.

My favorite part of the video in the obligatory gesture given by all bad drivers, the "throw the hands up in the air" like they did nothing wrong. Uh huh, we all saw it.

As you can guess, the owners of the Chiquita gas station on Main Street are looking for this women. The completely obvious sticker on the rear window might make it easier to find the vehicle. If you spot this car, contact Rockford Police or Rockford Crimestoppers.

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