It seems like internet challenges are getting more and more stupid by the day, some are just plain dangerous and deadly. Take, for example, the latest "challenge" involving laundry detergent pods. Yes, it's a real thing and there's video to prove it.

We already know manufacturers are doing their best make detergent and pods childproof but what about idiotic-young-adult-proof? Jokes aside, there is serious risk attached this "challenge."

According to ABC15 , not only can the outside of laundry pods can burn your lips, mouth, and esophagus, the inside can do far worse damage.

“The membrane around it, when it dissolves, can cause central nervous system depression,” said LoVecchio, causing you to become sleepy or fatigued.


One has to believe too much ingesting can cause far more damage but one manufacturer old the ABC-affiliate there has not been an increase in ER visits due to the new challenge. Not yet, at least.

[H/T ABC15]

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