Until you actually sit down and think about it, you may not realize how much cool stuff is made right here in Illinois. Solo Cups, deep dish pizza, Weather Tech Floor Liners, Quaker Oats, Kraft Mac & Cheese, even Riddell the maker of NFL helmets is located right here in our great state.

Rockford alone can boast Mrs. Fisher's potato chips, Sock Monkeys, and Estwing hammers. So which one of these is the coolest item made in Illinois? That's up to you to decide!

The Illinois Manufacturers' Association is holding a 'Makers Madness' tournament and your input will determine the winner. Just nominate what you think is the coolest thing made here in Illinois on their website by February 23rd. The top 16 nominated products will advance to the bracket round and the winner will be announced at an April 1st luncheon. Nominate your favorite product here.



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