The other day I visited my parents house and realized just how much stuff I've saved from childhood. I felt a little hoarder-ish, but after learning about Steve Jenne from Sullivan, Illinois, I'm reminded some things are just worth saving. For example - an unfinished sandwich from Richard Nixon from 60 years ago.

That's exactly what Jenne has in his freezer, and he says that it'll stay there as long as he's alive. So how did Jenne get lucky enough to get his hands on Nixon's leftovers? I'll let him tell the story -

This isn't the first time Jenne's made headlines for the Sandwich, in fact, he actually appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1988 to talk about it. And when he was on, he added to his celebrity food collection.

According to UPI -

Jenne said the appearance yielded him a half-eaten snack from Carson, as well as a paper plate signed by Steve Martin, who quipped that he had earlier used the plate to eat some chicken salad. Jenne said his collection now also includes unfinished foods from entertainers Tiny Tim and Henny Youngman.


But of course, the sandwich from Nixon is his most prized item. Jenne says -

As long as I am living, that sandwich will be stored in my freezer in a container that is labeled, 'Save, don't throw away.

So next time someone calls you crazy for wanting to save something from your childhood, just remember, if it's important to you, it's worth saving. Maybe just throw a label on it just in case.

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