One of life's greatest life hacks is the ability to put some meat, cheese, or whatever really, in between two piece of bread and BAM - sandwich.

A new study just revealed "The Classic Sandwich to Order in Every State".

So what's Illinois classic sandwich order? The Italian beef, duh! Delish details -

Italian immigrants started making Italian Beef Sandwiches on Chicago’s South Side in the 1930’s. Now available everywhere in Chicago, the supposed originator is Al’s -- dry roasted beef coated in a secret blend of spices, topped with peppers inside a rich roll. You can get it “wet”, with extra meat juice poured on like gravy.

I mean, come on ... just look at it. (Heart eyes)


I actually got hypnotized by a Facebook post Portillo's made about their Italian beef ...

There's drool on my keyboard.

Portillo's is one of the best Italian beefs around. But Rockford is home to a lot of spots that have amazing Italian beefs. We asked for your suggestions and you had A LOT of suggestions. So next time you're craving an Italian beef AKA Illinois' classic sandwich order, here's where you can go in Rockford -

That's a SOLID list of suggestions. It also goes to show how much Illinoisans love their Italian beef. If you ask someone in Illinois and they don't have a go-to spot, they're probably not from here. Or maybe they just moved to the midwest, in which case, show them this list of Rockford suggestions!


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