We've been discussing a new web series for me on Youtube, and as of last week, it has become a reality. I call it Unsupervised. Basically, because it's the only time my bosses aren't necessarily paying attention to what I'm doing right under their noses lol.

Pretty simple stuff. I will find a trending video or story and give the 411 about it. With a little bit of a ginger twist of course.

Today, I found a video that shows and describes the biggest lunch item you've ever seen. A snake eating a whole deer. Ya, it's not a buck or anything but still. It's pretty damn impressive. if we're being honest though it's pretty disgusting too.

I would probably avoid viewing this on a full stomach, if you don't like snakes, Or if you're a fan of Bambi. The circle of life is a beautiful and terrifying reality.

Can you handle it? I guess we will find out soon enough.

If you don't think this video is for you don't worry. I have a couple more on the Q98.5 YouTube channel that might be more your style!

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