That opinion should have never even existed, yet, it still haunts Rockford twelve years later. Why? Because someone didn't make the decision to not allow a worldwide Tex-Mex chain to be included in a "local" contest. Now our city will forever be mocked for awarding "Taco Bell Rockford's #1 Mexican Restaurant." I'm not bashing Taco Bell but I am telling you it should have never qualified for "Rockford's #1" anything unless the word "chain" is included, meaning it is not 815 exclusive.

Even in 2006, there were plenty of Mexican food options within the area of the business that continues to conduct 'best of' contests each year in Rockford. The good thing is there are several greater Mexican food options in and around the 815. Though they may not be considered authentic, they fall into "Rockford's #1 Mexican Restaurant" category.

Don't always assume the "awards" given out throughout town truly decides what is and is not the best. It's perfectly acceptable to learn what is best by being the judge of your own likes and tastes.

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