Two men in separate circumstances died soon after shoveling snow, according to Milwaukee County's medical examiner. They were 59 and 91-years-old. They were found dead inside their homes within thirty minutes of each other. Their cause of death hasn't been determined and autopsies have been scheduled but it may make you wonder if the weather conditions or snow amounts contributed to their deaths.

There a term shared through the media and social media, "heart attack snow." It's not meant to bring fear to the masses but it is a real thing. describes the factor that can lead to a deadly heart attack.

Shoveling, even pushing a heavy snow blower, can cause sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate, and the cold air can cause constriction of the blood vessel and decrease oxygen to the heart. All these work in concert to increase the work of the heart and trigger a potentially fatal heart attack.


The fatality can involve more than just shoveling snow.

Some activities such as snow shoveling, walking through heavy wet snow or in a snow drift, downhill and cross-country skiing, snow-boarding, can strain the heart enough to cause a heart attack.

Learn more about winter-related heart information here.

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