March 18th NFL Free Agency begins. There will be one giant domino to fall FIRST and the craziness will begin.

Tom Brady (like him or hate him) is one of the greatest to ever play the QB position in the NFL. Could the Chicago Bears land him?

Tom Brady has two demands for the teams that want him for the next 2-3 years. CBS

As a Bears fan, I say YES to both of these wants, demand, etc...Yes Tom, please come play for Chicago.

Tom Brady Demand #1:

  • Control over the roster - Tom wants the talent to match his level. I totally get this...this would require quite a roster shift in Chicago.

Tom Brady Demand #2

  • Part of the play calling - Again, yes Mr Brady it's all yours. Coach Nagy has shown flashes of brilliance and flashes of Pee Wee League play calling. Hell I'd let him go all Peyton Manning with the Chicago Bears offense.


This will never happen, ever. But it's fun to dream.


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