Charles Tillman, a former Chicago Bear, is going to row across Lake Michigan but he's afraid of water.

Tillman is one of my favorite players of all time. He was fearless on the football field. I can't imagine him being afraid of anything. Apparently, he has one big fear. That is water.

According to,

“I’m terrified of water. A big fear of mine is big bodies of water, the former Bears cornerback said. I think a shark is in everything. I could swim in a pool and I would think a shark is in it."

How does Charles plan on getting over his problem with water?

“What other way, man? Just get off your butt and build a boat and row across Lake Michigan.”

That's right. Tillman and his friend are building a boat and going to row across Lake Michigan. By the way, he doesn't have any experience with either. There is some good news, he can swim.

The former Bear's partner for this adventure is Jacob Beckley. He's done the trip before. That experience is helping them prepare. They are currently training and working on their vessel.

The trip doesn't have a set date yet but it will happen this summer.

It also benefits a great cause, row4kids, which raises money for pediatric cancer research and to support families of patients.

Good luck to them.


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