A little something to root for if you like seeing someone from our very own backyard win American Idol.

Illinois has proven to give American Idol some great contestants over the years.

Lee Dewyze from Mount Prospect is an American Idol winner, and both Hayley Reinhart from Wheeling and Paris Bennett from Rockford were major players during their respective seasons on the show.

This year two contestants from the area are gonna get their shot.

Alex Fischbach from Morrison will appear next week on American Idol. Fischbach, who currently resides in Rock Falls, auditioned in Minneapolis.

According to Sauk Valley, Fischbach auditioned a few years ago where he made it all the way to the private auditions with the judges who eventually turned him away citing his voice needed to "mature a little bit."

Gina Venier from Dixon will be on either tonight or tomorrow night. Venier auditioned in Nashville.

This is Venier's first go around with Idol. I have known the Venier family since my very own moved from Chicago to Dixon in 1994. If you have ever heard Gina sing you know that she belongs.

She tells Sauk Valley that the audition was a "last-minute thing" and "one of the most nerve wracking auditions I've ever done."

I hope they go far in American Idol, should be exciting to see how the local talent does on a national stage.

American Idol regularly airs 7 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays on Fox.