It's a vast understatement to say that Illinois residents need some relief at the gas pumps ASAP. Obviously, extreme gas prices are a problem nationwide, heck even worldwide, but Illinois has the second-highest gas taxes in the nation, and we need help NOW.

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Since it doesn't look like stimulus checks will be hitting our bank accounts again anytime soon, how are we going to afford to pay ridiculous prices when the biggest travel season of the year is just around the corner?

Two Illinois Senators Propose Capping The State's Gas Sales Tax

It's no secret that Illinois likes its taxes, but State Senators Dave Syverson and Don DeWitte have proposed capping Illinois' gas sales tax at 18 cents a gallon.

I know what you're thinking right now because I am thinking it too, but capping Illinois' gas sales tax for a period of time really would help us save money at the gas pump.

According to;

On average, drivers are paying nearly 70 cents a gallon in taxes.

Cook County averages closer to $1 a gallon.


Illinois State Senators Syverson and DeWitte feel this tax cap would provide not only immediate relief for drivers at the pump, but it would also prevent any future sales tax increases as well, so I say, let's go!

Fox 32 Chicago says this proposal is supported by the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association and is different from Governor Pritzker's proposal to freeze the annual gas tax which would take money from Illinois road projects.

Senators Syverson and DeWitte say if this proposal is approved, Illinois drivers could see relief at the pumps in just a few weeks.

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