My landlord dropped off a bag of veggies for me the other morning. Among all the garden goodies was an eggplant. I didn't know what to make with it, until I found this recipe.

Try this tasty recipe for your eggplant.

Tater-Dipped Eggplant

1/4 cup butter
1 medium eggplant, peeled and cut into 3
/4 inch slices
1 egg
1 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
1 cup instant mashed potato flakes
1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F (220 degrees C). Melt butter in a shallow baking dish in the oven while it is preheating.
2. In a small bowl, mix together the egg, salt and pepper. Dip slices of eggplant into the egg mixture, then dip into the potato flakes to coat. Place the coated slices of eggplant into the hot buttered dish.
3. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until tender, turning once after 10 minutes.

** I also added a dash of garlic powder to the egg mixture, just to give it a punch of flavor.

This recipe is so good. The eggplant tastes almost like a potato pancake.

If you're like me and not quite sure what to make with this vegetable. I highly recommend this recipe.