Susan Tyler;

Here's a tasty little drink to try.

Jack Daniels Honey in Sprite with lemon.

This is based of the tradtional "Jack and Coke".

I just substituted the coke with Sprite, and the regular Jack Daniels with the Jack Daniels Honey and added lemon slices.

It's based on the 3 parts Sprite to 1 part Jack Honey ratio.

Fill your glass with ice.

Pour a shot of Jack Honey (about 2 ounces or best guess) over the ice.

Pour in Sprite about 6 ounces (best guess).

Run a lemon wedge around the edge. Drop a slice or two in the glass.

This is very tasty and I can see this as a great summertime drink out on the deck or patio as you grill out with your friends.