This could have been a lot worse. A driver captured video of a truck they were near on an Illinois interstate that appeared to be dragging a propane tank.

Here's what the driver had to say about this close encounter of the potentially explosive kind:

I was on my way to a job interview around 3pm via i-90E. Suddenly, I heard a metal clanking sound coming from my left. I assumed it was a muffler dragging along the ground, but then a white blur caught my eye and to my surprise, it was a PROPANE TANK. I pulled out my phone for 10 seconds and filmed this video. Shortly after I stopped, the guy pulled over and that was the last I saw of him.

This small tank was only a few sparks away from going kaboom.

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I've heard it said that all's well that ends well. I suppose that applies here.

Sciencing shared an interesting article a few years ago about the subject of propane tanks and how likely they are to explode. While they state that your chances are only 1 in 37 million of being killed by an exploding propane tank, I doubt they factored in the likelihood that someone would have one dangling behind a truck on the interstate.

Thankfully no humans or propane tanks were harmed in the making of this video.

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