Yikes! Did you know that four of the five most expensive tolls you pay are here in the Rockford area?

Do you cruise the Illinois tollway system with your IPASS transponder and feel good that you are paying half the price those chumps who have to stop and pay cash? I do all the time. However, did you know that when you pass through some tollbooths on I-90 or I-88 you are not always paying 75 cents like most people, in fact, you are sometimes paying more than double?

We have some of the most expensive tolls here in the Rockford area compared to the rest of the stat. The Rockford, DeKalb, Belvidere and Dixon

Here are Illinois Top most toll plazas (Cars only)

1.  I-355 Spring Creek Plaza 99 $1.90 (IPASS) $3.80 (CASH)
2. (Tie) I-88 DeKalb Plaza 66 $1.80 (IPASS) $3.60 (CASH)
2. (Tie) I-88 Dixon Plaza 69 $1.80 (IPASS) $3.60 (CASH)
4. (Tie) I-90 Belvidere Plaza 5 $1.50 (IPASS) $3.00 (CASH)
4. (Tie) I-90 Marengo-Hampshire Plaza 7 $1.50 (IPASS) $3.00 (CASH)

If you are drive a large truck, get ready to empty out your wallet. It will cost you $15.50 to pass through the DeKalb and Dixon Toll plazas....and that's EACH toll plaza.

Welcome to Illinois! Now, pay your toll!

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