Trisha Yearwood shared her new single, "Every Girl in This Town," on Thursday (June 6), and when she performed the song live for the first time later that day as a part of CMA Fest, she could already see that fans were connecting to it.

"I was blown away," Yearwood told The Boot and other outlets backstage at Nissan Stadium just a couple days later on Sunday night (June 9). "The song had been out since 6AM, and people were singing along. And I was like, 'Something's happening here!'"

Even though she loved the song from the very first time she heard it, Yearwood says it's gratifying to see an enthusiastic fan response. After all, she went into the process of making her forthcoming new album -- the singer's first in a decade -- without any preconceived expectations of what the project might turn out to be.

"I didn't set out to make a certain kind of record. I didn't set out to do any kind of anything, except find songs that I loved," she adds. "This was one of the first songs I heard, and I just loved it. After the record was done, it kind of became the song that rose to the surface. I think it's really been just in the last couple days since the song's been out that I am really seeing that it's striking the same nerve with other people that it struck with me."

Of her experience making the album, Yearwood says that she went "old school," visiting publishers and writers to personally cull a selection of tracks. "The first question that made me realize I was 54 years old was, 'You're gonna make a whole album?! That's so cool!'" she relates with a laugh. Still, she found some strong advantages to collecting songs the old fashioned way.

"But as a result, sitting face to face with people, you get a chance to give them really good feedback," the singer goes on to say. "Like, 'This song doesn't work for me, and here's why.' And then the second visit is usually where you get the songs, because they're like, 'Cool, let me go back to the well and see what else we have.'"

After seeing the response to "Every Girl in This Town," Yearwood can't wait for listeners to hear the rest of the new material, and she says she's gearing up to reveal plans for a tour. "Fall. Yes," she adds. "We'll be announcing in a couple of weeks what we're doing."

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