I must admit that I wasn't the most avid Toys R Us shopper when it was open in Rockford; I am the mom who buys toys wherever I can get them the cheapest. I always Google search the specific toy I am wanting to get to determine who has the lowest price, and that is where I go. Sometimes it's Walmart, sometimes it's Target or Amazon, and sometimes during the Christmas shopping season, it actually was Toys R Us.

This past holiday season, I missed Toys R Us. I missed finding deals, and I missed the nostalgia of looking through their holiday toy catalogue with my kids as they lit up with excitement.

Ready for the good news? CNN reports that Toys R Us stores ARE coming back before Christmas, BUT there's a catch.

Richard Barry, CEO of Tru Kids Brands and former global chief merchandising officer at Toys "R" Us, plans to open at least two Toys "R" Us stores this year, according to a person familiar with Barry's plans.

You catch the "catch" in that statement? At this point, only two stores are scheduled to open. That's kind of a bummer, don't ya think?

This "person familiar with Barry's plans" told CNN;

"We're definitely coming back in 2019. At minimum two stores. There's more planned for 2020," the person said. The new stores will be smaller than Toys "R" Us' old stores and "experiential," the person added.

Hmm. Here's my translation of that statement: two pop-up stores will be opening before Christmas and will then likely close after the holiday season.

Am I being too pessimistic here, or do you agree with me?

All I can say is this, you can pretty much guarantee that Rockford will not be getting another Toys R Us store anytime soon, BUT if they reopen their website with good deals and actually allow us to purchase items for shipping, I will be all over that mess.

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