Wait, what?! Top chefs are saying we shouldn't be grilling burgers (among other foods)! That sounds absolutely ridiculous, it's not summer until you grill some burgers. But, I hate to tell you this, after I read the reason behind not grilling burgers, I kind of get it...

There are three different top chefs telling us to stop grilling burgers: Bryan Voltaggio, chef and co-owner of Voltaggio Brothers Steak House in Washington, D.C., Gray Brooks, chef and owner of Littler and Jack Tar & the Colonel’s Daughter in Durham, N.C., and Tae Strain, chef at Momofuku CCDC in Washington.

The main reason they all say to stop grilling your burgers is because there are so many good juices and fats that fall through the cracks into the fire. They say it would be so much better if you just didn't grill your burgers so you don't lose all of that good stuff. Ok... I sort of get that...

But I think I have a solution to this don't grill your burgers nonsense! What you if you just got a grill mat? It's a thin mat that you roll out onto your grill and then your still grilling your burgers but not losing the juices! You're welcome.

Here are the 7 other foods that made the "Do Not Grill" list according to Bloomberg:

1. Peeled Shrimp

2. Lettuce

3. Skinless Chicken Breasts

4. Sausages and Thick-Cut Bacon

5. Top Round and Bottom Round

6. Tortillas

7. Pineapples and Peaches

You can find out why these 7 foods made the list HERE!


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