Unless someone is vegan chicken tenders are something most meat-lovers enjoy.

They're one of those things, despite how divided the world may seem, most of us all can agree on. If this weren't true the meaty delight wouldn't be on just about every menu everywhere.


Not all chicken tenders are equal. Even though chicken tenders, fingers, nuggets, or whatever you want to call them are very similar there is definitely such a thing as a bad tender. Those won't be on this list.


For this list, though, you will spot two places with multiple locations however there are no nationwide or midwest-wide businesses on this list. Instead, the focus will be on the northern Illinois area.

And, if we missed a spot, you will have a chance to let us know so we can add your recommendation to the list after we've tried it ourselves.

Top 11 Places To Cure a Chicken Tender Craving in Northern Illinois

Looking for some great chicken tenders? Here are 11 of the top spots in Illinois to find them.


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