Take a moment today to honor the incredible kids in your life, and to let them know just how much they are appreciated!

Today, Thursday, March 19, marks the 19th anniversary of the Camp Fire council's "Absolutely Incredible Kid Day."  This day was established as a way to honor our nation's youth, which seems to be desperately needed these days. To participate simply grab your smart phone, keyboard, or put a pen to paper and write a note of encouragement and appreciation to your kids. Write one for a kid who is down or troubled. Write one for a kid who is on the brink of being lost to the evils of this world. It's amazing how much difference one simple act of love and kindness can make in the life of a child.

Promise me you'll do it today, and that you'll share the love with #AIKD on social media.

I'll start, and I will continue to do this and save them for years to come.


To my sweet and sassy Ella,

Thank you for bringing the sunshine each and every day to my life. You are so smart and spunky, and getting to watch you learn, grow, and laugh brings tears of joy to my eyes daily. Thank you for bringing out the kid in me again, and for reminding me that all of life's little moments need to be cherished. You are amazing.

Love you forever,



(Sorry for getting so mushy, but I think letting kids know how much they are loved is VERY important.)

Shannon Zimmerman, Townsquare Media