This behavior is disgusting and 100% not ok. Hear me out, some of you reading this might think the situation is being blown out of proportion, that's fine, you're entitled to your opinion. However, letting instances like the one described in this video that circulated social media is doing the opposite of good. "They're just kids" would be a hard argument because this is simply not the way to treat others. If one of my children were involved in a situation like this their world would quickly come to a screeching stop. There would be some serious and long conversation along with punishment. The incident, which took place at Moline High School, according to TMZ, was captured in an 11-second video.

A black high school football player in Moline, Illinois was forced to sit in a locker stuffed with banana peels -- while a fellow player threatened to break both of his knees if he refused.

The online tabloid, TMZ, says the video quickly circulated social media and eventually was seen by local police. Because of the content in the video an investigation was put into motion with the cops and school. Authorities quickly learned all the student-athletes involved were friends, which still doesn't make it acceptable. This same thought was reiterated by the police.

Regardless of these facts, we all agree that this is a disgusting way to treat a fellow teammate, a fellow human and most certainly a friend.

TMZ did not post the actual video and, truthfully, it doesn't need to be seen. Should these kids, regardless of their relationships, go unpunished, it only excuses the unequivocally bad behavior. This is where parents need to step in and explain it is not ok and won't be tolerated.

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