It was only a couple weeks ago that Tito's Vodka had to warn people NOT to use their vodka to make their own homemade hand sanitizer. Well, weeks later, there's still a hand sanitizer shortage, but now Tito's has a different view.

Instead of warning the public to drink their vodka instead of use it to clean their hands, Tito's is embracing the sanitizer shortage. Check it out -

They join the list of other distilleries/businesses switching to hand sanitizer production.

No word on when or where it will be available but I'm sure Tito's will keep us updated. FOX32 details another way they're helping fight COVID-19 -

The company has also pledged a $2 million donation to organizations providing assistance to those affected. It's made an initial $1 million donation to four groups focused on the those in the service industry and it says it will fund the additional money as more needs are uncovered.

Go Tito's!

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