When you're getting the COVID vaccine shot in Rockford, here are some tips.

I decided that getting the COVID vaccine shot was the right thing for me to do for my situation. If you believe that you should get it too, I have some tips to share with you.

I do not know about you but I do not like to go into things blindly. I want to know the details and what I am getting myself into. I found out as much as I could before I went so I had some idea what the deal was.

It was pretty intimidating walking up, so I actually wish I would have known more information going in. If you are the same way, I have a few things to tell you. If you would like to keep it a surprise, then I want to give a "Spoiler Alert" warning.

Tips When Getting Your Vaccine

  • If you do not even know how to set up an appointment, do not worry. It is not very difficult. Sign-up through the internet, HERE.
  • The vaccination site is located at the former Sandy Hollow K-Mart location. I understand hanging out at an abandoned strip mall does not sound like a good time but do not worry, they have a nice set-up over there.
  • When you pull into the parking lot, you will notice a lot of cars. It might seem like it is very crowded and will be a long wait. It is deceiving because you will pretty much get right in and out. There are many cars for the many workers of the site. Plus, there is a COVID testing station in that area too causing more commotion. Just so you know, the vaccine location is in the building and the testing is at the tents.
  • Before you go in, make sure you have your driver's license and appointment email ready to show the hosts. They will be checked a few times so keep them handy. You can show the email off your phone, but there is no free WiFi available so make sure you have data to use. Otherwise, print out a copy to use. I was checked four times before I received the shot.
  • If it is your second vaccination, make sure you bring the card with you. They need to fill it out during both visits.
  • I am right-handed, so it was suggested to me to get the first shot in my right arm and the second on the left because the second is thought to be stronger. It worked out well for me. I was a little sore but not too bad.
  • After you receive the vaccine both times, you are required to sit in the waiting area for fifteen minutes just in case you have a reaction. If you start experiencing unpleasantness there are plenty of employees there to assist you. Do not be afraid to ask for help if needed.
  • Another friend gave me the suggestion to bring an ice pack to put on my arm after to help with the pain. It felt good after. I just picked up a single-use instant ice pack. They are easy to use.
  • Make sure you time yourself because no one is going to do it for you. Otherwise, you could be sitting there all day. You only need to wait for fifteen minutes.
  • If it is your first shot, you will immediately get a follow-up email to schedule your second. You could even set it up before you leave. It will automatically tell you how long you have to wait before doing it.
  • Again, there is no free WiFi so be prepared to use your data if you decide to pass the time on the internet.
  • If you were planning on taking a selfie to show off on social media, pictures are not allowed. There is a "selfie station" on the way out.
  • When I was there they were jamming 96.7 The Eagle.

I hope this information helps.

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