It's that time again. Time when the sounds of lawn mowers and that fresh cut grass smell fills the air in the Stateline. Here are a few tips from the pros that can help your lawn look better, and be healthy this Summer. 


How and when you mow your grass depends upon the type of grass you have, the season, and the amount of water and fertilizer you apply throughout the year. According to here are a few tips to keep in mind while mowing your grass throughout the Stateline.

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Determine Mow Times By Height, Not The Calendar

Rather than mowing on a calendar schedule, it's much easier to pay attention to the height of the grass. Allow your lawn to grow one-third taller than its optimum height. Never cut more than one-third of the grass blade to keep them healthy, strong, and alive.

Always Vary Your Mowing Pattern

Try not to mow your lawn in the same direction every time. Shake it up a bit. When you mow in the same direction all the time you can compact the soil into actual ruts. Plus, grass leans and grows in the direction it has been mowed. By mowing in a different direction each time, you will help the grass grow more upright and avoid developing ruts in your soil that in some cases are quite visible. To be honest, this is the creative part of cutting grass in my opinion.

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Try Not To Cut Wet Grass

Try not to cut grass when it's wet. This is because the cut tends to be very uneven, the clippings clog the mower and can mat on the grass blocking light.

Get Good Overlap With Your Mower

While we're all in a hurry, don't skimp on mower coverage. When you mow, overlap each pass by at least 3 inches (7.5 cm). This ensures an evenly mowed lawn with no missed strips.

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Make Sure Your Mower Blades Are Sharp

At the first of the season, make sure your mower blades are sharp. If they're not, they won't make a clean cut and will rip and tear the grass. This creates an injury for diseases and pests to invade your grass.

Seems basic and easy. But if you follow it, you will get a better investment into your home, and a beautiful lawn to enjoy with your family.

Time to change the oil in my push mower and get  'cutting'.