Technically its name is 'Eclipse Lagoon', but when I was a kid it was "the duck pond." As a kid, I would go there regularly with my family to feed the ducks after picking up bread from the day-old bakery on 23rd Street. Then, one day, it all ended, and all I was told was "we can't feed the ducks anymore." Decades went by with me believing you couldn't feed the ducks, period. Now I know what's up.

Today I learned it is OK to feed ducks, it just cannot be bread. According to the park sign shared on Reddit,

Bread makes us (ducks) ill, as it does not contain the right nutrition or calories we need to keep us warm in the water.

Feeding Ducks Sign via Reddit
Reddit/Gallow Boob

Thank God for Reddit because now I know what can be fed to ducks and I can share that childhood joy with my kids.

(Note: I haven't been by the duck pond in a long time so there very well be a sign stating rules against feeding ducks there.)

[H/T Reddit]

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