Today is Sibling Day, so I thought I would share some pics of my "little" brother, Kyle and I for Throwback Thursday. 

I still claim he is adopted. He is tall, and none of us are. He tans well, and all of us burn like marshmallows in a campfire. He can eat anything he wants and never gain a pound, and I gain a pound just looking at a bag of M&M's. He was my first friend. My first enemy. He has a heart of gold, a devotion to family, and I love him to pieces! Even if I did climb into in his crib and cut off his first locks of hair with my play scissors and make my Mom cry. Even if I did dress him up in my clothes and put party hats on him. I had to do that stuff, it's how you initiate a little brother.

Happy Sibling Day, Kyle!


Kyle and I with our first dog, Cricket
My brother's wedding in 2008
Spencer, Sis-in-law Katie, Kyle, and me Halloween 2008
2007, Beth the Bounty Hunter with Dumb & Dumber
2009 riding horses on Easter
2009, Elvis, My Buddy and Kid Sister

Apparently, now we only take pictures together on Halloween. HA!

Take a moment to celebrate, reconnect, or hug your siblings today!