They say the worst part of the 2019 flu season is about to hit us, and right now I believe them since I currently cannot breathe out of my nose.

Any parent knows that when kids get sick, things get crazy, You're either cleaning up any and all bodily functions at once, or you're cuddling them one second to then have them bouncing off the walls one hour later.

Our hearts bleed when our kids are miserable, and we will attempt to prevent the sickness at all costs, but it eventually it hits us.

When I came across this new song parody from one of my favs on YouTube, The Holderness Family, I found myself saying repeatedly, "this is totally my life right now", and I think you will too....



I hope that gave you a giggle today, now please excuse me while I run to the store for more antibacterial wipes and cold and flu medicine.

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