This Halloween costume is so simple and easy it will honestly make you shake your head for not thinking of it first. Yet, it's so cool looking and best of all no flashlight is needed.


Introducing the Glowy Zoey Stick Figure Suit.

Look how simple it is. It's basically, LED lights sewed in or glued onto clothing perfect for kids and kids at heart right in time for Halloween.

This idea came from Royce Hutain, "while brainstorming costume ideas for his 2-year old daughter Zoey." He told Fatherly, that "he remembered he had a lot of leftover materials from making stickman suits for a snowboarding outing and decided to make one for his daughter."

The result was captured in this video:

The video instantly went viral after Royce had posted it just to show family and friends what he did. It's receive over 23 millions hits!

Now this homemade suit can be purchased online at the suits come in sizes for toddler's, kids and adults and they range between $69.99 to $99.

Wow! Honestly, Sometimes we think so hard to be out of the box, that the easy and successful way was inside the box the whole time.