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I'm going to come right out and say it, our state's flag for Illinois is boring. I really don't like it.

However, this redesign of the state flag is well, is just plain bad. 

Reddit user Ry5h3 posted this picture of their idea of what our state flag should look like.

Ry5h3; Redditt
Ry5h3; Redditt

I get what they were trying to do, but honestly I think it's gaudy. It looks like half the state was cut off. I don't like the Abraham Lincoln silhouette either. It looks odd in placement and color.

I'm not the only one who thinks it looks odd. Here's a few comments from Reddit followers:

[–]Trump_flag 15 points  

I see what your trying to do here, but I think that this is worse than the current flag. First, the borders look wierd and do not even include the entire state. Also, the Lincoln silhouette looks strange and is kind of hard to recognize.

I applaud you for your effort though! You might want to read up on the principles of flag design if you want to make a stronger design.

[–]Golden Wattle Flag / New Zealand (Red Peak)Splarnst 3 points  

Just that part of Illinois looks like Iowa.

What do you think about this design?

If you were to make a new state flag what you add to it.

[–]Niauropsaka 2 points  

That's a lot of squiggly lines. Also, you cut off the southern end. I think this is worse than the present design, of which I am not a great fan.

I was joking with Mark Charvat and said we should have the state of Illinois on it with a big picture of Chicago or maybe Springfield sucking dollars out of the state. HaHa! Ok so that is rather sarcastic but that's what everyone is feeling right now. Isn't it.

I'm no flag designer by any means but I think we could have something a little nicer than this design or even the current flag that has our state's seal on it.


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