A recent article came out about the 40 worst cities to visit in the United States, a handful of spots in the Midwest found themselves on this list, but only one was located in Illinois.

Some other spots on this list were Mall of America in Minnesota, Orlando, Florida, three spots in Texas, and many others.

A list that looks at the negatives of a city is always harsh. It always claims it has the worst cities in a particular category:

"The worst places to live"

"The worst dressed"

"The worst to visit."

While these lists are backed with numbers and statistics, they are still biased, so if you disagree with today's story that is okay. In fact, while reading through all 40 I found myself disagreeing with a large number of them.

I liked a lot of these spots. In fact, the ones I listed earlier are all spots I like, or at least find interesting. I also like the "worst" spot to travel in Illinois, but that being said I did agree with a lot of this article's points.

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The Worst Travel Spot

attachment-297130923_598086678395868_2238857256247573693_n (1)

Chicago, Illinois

I think we all saw this coming, while I love Chicago for its highs, it also has a lot of lows. One line that stood out in the article states,

So if you do happen to venture out, just be really careful not to find yourself on the wrong side of town or you might regret it.

That statement has a lot of truth to it. Again if you're smart in Chicago it can be a lot of fun, but I can also see that having to warn someone about being smart before going on vacation can also be a huge turn-off.

It's Also The Best Place To Visit...

Just to show you how dumb lists are... check this out. I wrote this story based on the article "The 40 Worst Cities to Vist in the United States." Go ahead and click the link you can see it in at number 11. I then clicked an article called "30 Best Places to Visit in the USA" GUESS WHAT CITY IS AT NUMBER 19? That's right it's Chicago.

So once again these lists are biased, and Chicago is both a great place to visit and a horrible place to visit. If you take a trip there hopefully you go on a day that it is great.

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