A group of schools in Indiana is doing something with school lunches and Rockford's RPS 205 needs to take note of it.

In Elkhart, Indiana someone had a monumental idea to reuse leftover food from school lunches. The idea was put into a plan that involved multiple schools within Elkhart Community Schools. In March, Cultivate Culinary School & Catering came to fruition, according to USA Today. So how does it work?

All excess food from the Elkhart schools is picked up by Cultivate, taken to their facility "and transformed into nutritionally balanced frozen to-go meals." The food is delivered to more than 20 students each Friday to ensure they have food to eat for the entire weekend.

The students who receive the meals are assured a variety of food because their to-go meals are sourced from multiple locations, not just the school cafeteria donations, Ziolkowski said.

Rockford is very similar to Elkhart if you compare it to a fact from CNN.

More than half of Elkhart Community Schools' 12,000 students qualify for free and reduced-price lunches.

With the number of schools within RPS 205 and the number of restaurants in the area, this is an idea that should be highly considered.

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