Times are tough and families are just getting by, sometimes paying for their children's lunches is hard to do weekly.

Freeport's school district is looking to help families out by offering free school lunches.

WIFR reports that the Freeport school district not only eliminated the school registration fee but now is going to take it further in offering free lunches to all of their students. "School leaders believe if kids attend school for free, their meals shouldn't cost them either. "

The Freeport school district has "about 80 percent of their students come from low income families. "School leaders hope to have the free lunch program available for kids by May. "

WOW! That just blows my mind. It's an awesome gift the school district is doing to help families out.

Can you imagine the stress that will relieve for some families, the decision of buying lunch or going without another item needed for school, is no longer a decision these families will have to make on a day to day basis.

Freeport your school district is doing a really good deed for your community and the future generation!

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