Consider this adult trick-or-treating but don't worry about guessing because you'll know exactly what you're getting.

Halloween isn't just for kids anymore, and you can think businesses for that. Some places are offering specials to customers that arrive in costume. For example, Chipotle is brewing up $4 burritos if you pop in wearing a costume. Not every place is requiring costumes, though.

  • Baskin-Robbins is celebrating 31 years and 31 scoops by serving up $1.50 scoops, no costume required.
  • At IHOP kids can get a free scary face pancake, without a costume.
  • You can swing through a Sonic and get a $.50 corndog, again... no costume required.
  • Quiznos is on the "no costume required" bandwagon, too, by offering free tots today.

There are a bunch more specials and freebies you can find here and here.

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