How would you like to work in a place where everyone who is there, does not what to be there? The rankings of Northern Illinois DMV facilities are out, from worst to first.

It's something we all have to endure, taking off half of your work day to renew your drivers license is no fun. Many people argue that customers get treated with very little respect by employees, have to wait in excruciatingly long lines, and that there is general disorganization when it comes to making that visit to the Illinois Secretary of State office.

"Surly people need to apply." It's an old joke that has been floating around for years when it comes to describing people who work at Illinois DMV facilities. "A job for people who hate their jobs." This may be true for some, but not all. There are also many reports of DMV employees who tend to customers with a smile, and go the extra mile to make sure the customer is treated fair and has a positive experience.

There are nine DMV locations in the Stateline area (outside of the Chicago and the suburbs) we looked at for our local rankings. We took customer reviews on Google and on Yelp, to come up with a score and ranked the facilities from worst to first. This is not scientific, by any means, but gives you a good idea of how people feel


1. (Rated the Worst) ROCKFORD 3720 East State Street. 34% positive rating.

Chandra A said

I do not say all staff members are unfriendly, but some are really miserable. While you sit there for hours and watch some of the staff going inside the rooms, sitting there and coming out at every 3-4 mins

Janai was not too happy and posted:


The slowest service I ever received. I dread going into the facility. They don't answer phones, the rate of service is mind bogglingly slow and not to mention the staff has been rude every time I visited.

From YELP:

HATE. HATE. HATE. this place. You know all of those stereotypical DMVs you see in movies, I swear that is the model they use to run this place

2DEKALB  (2nd worst) 1360 Oakwood Ave  36% positive rating

Review from Michelle S on Google:


Anne T Wrote:

I know many people have had anxiety about going to the DMV myself included. However, I was there yesterday and had the best experience when trying to title and plate my trailer. I was lucky enough to have Anna help me. She was extremely patient and pleasant and worked diligently to make sure I was getting the correct plate for my trailer. Anna rocks! The other staff were also super nice.
Thank you all for smiling through the situations with difficult people you encounter each day in your very stressful role at the DMV.

3. OREGON 1302 Pines Rd: 42% positive rating

Steven B wrote:

I avoid this place as much as i possibly can, always rude and p***ed off people, asking a simple question they get all irritated.

Tommy F disagreed and wrote:

I disagree they have always been polite and helpful there. I go outta my way to use that dmv

4. BELVIDERE 425 Southtowne Dr:  50% positive rating

Sama B wrote:

Obvious some people don't enjoy their jobs.

Autumn H wrote:

Love the new location. In and out no problems.

5. Rockford CDL facility on Baxter Rd 50% positive rating

6. FREEPORT:  1054 N Riverside 62% positive rating

Steve B said:

The employees are very friendly and helpful. They get you in and out very quickly.
 Al C wrote:
Friendly, Quick and convenient. We were in and out fast
However Ben T had a different experience:
Been here two n half hours waiting to drive either they are Understaffed Or they Are To Slow At their Job And Need More TRAINING To Go Faster
7. (3rd best) ROSCOE 10631 Main Street 67% positive rating
Carolyn S. raves:
Unbelievable. Great service. In and done with license renewal in less than 10 minutes. AND FRIENDLY. Thank you so much
Susan agrees:
Very quick and friendly staff. All DMV locations should be like this one!
8.  (2nd Best) DIXON: 925 S. Peoria Ave 68% positive rating
Kris H had a very good experience and said:
Nice group of customer service people (in Dixon) . Excellent help with issues one might have. NOT LIKE other DMV's(one west about 15 miles needs to have house cleaned. Rude and like your sub human. NOT THIS place in Dixon!
Valerie B agreed:
Friendly and fast. Can't hope for anything better when going to the DMV.
9. (THE BEST DMV) WOODSTOCK  428 S Eastwood 77% positive rating
Mark H gave the place a glowing review:
I actually felt compelled to leave a review because the service was so pleasant. Alan was extremely friendly and helpful, and helped me to process a vehicle title registration with ease. The mood in the office, as a whole, was very positive and all employees seemed to be in a good mood. Was in and out in less than 10 minutes
Mitch Y said:
Arrived at 9 am, out by 9:07 for a license renewal, address change and all. Everyone was friendly. Greatest DMV experience.

Congratulations to the Dixon, Freeport and Woodstock DMV locations on the exemplary service. The rest? Well let's just say, you have some work cut out for you.

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